The course will provide an overview of state-of-the-art research on the trustworthiness of foundation models. The course material will comprise research papers covering three different perspectives: (a) red teaming and adversarial testing, focusing on the security aspects of foundation models, (b) fake content generation and watermarking, focusing on content  authenticity, and (c) poisoning attacks and robust training, focusing on training-time robustness considerations. This course will familiarize participants with  cutting-edge methods employed to assess or enhance the trustworthiness of foundation models.

The students will be asked to write reports on the papers assigned to them and present one of these papers. This course will additionally offer students hands-on experience with foundation models within the context of the topics discussed.

Course Staff

To reach us,  please use the following email address: trustworthy-ai-s24-tutors@mpi-sws.org. Please use personal emails only for communication that is not related to this  seminar.

Important Information

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  • The registration deadline is April 17th. Interested students should register through https://seminars.cs.uni-saarland.de/.
  • The introductory session will take place on Tuesday April 30 at 9:00am. Location: Room 005 at MPI-SWS (Building E1 5).